Message from Principal 2022-2023

Welcome back! It is my privilege to serve Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School as the new principal.


Shun Lee celebrated its 40th Anniversary and is embarking on a new chapter in 2022. Our school has spent 41 years nurturing our students into competent Shunleers who uphold the values of love, mutual respect, and responsibility. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the former principals, vice principals, parents, and alumni, who worked in close collaboration with teachers and students of the past years to build a solid foundation based on God’s values. The love and care that they devoted has made Shun Lee a big family.


Hong Kong is experiencing unprecedented chaotic situations in recent years. The epidemic, school suspension, and online learning, to name but a few. Some students are taken aback by the numerous types of educational hindrances. The pandemic has deprived students of the opportunities to actualise their potential and enrich their lives. Teenagers these days are not very different from the disciples of Jesus in the Sea of Galilee trapped in the midst of a storm, terror-stricken and frustrated. As a new principal of Shun Lee Catholic Secondary School and a servant-leader, I aspire to learn from Jesus, the foremost example of servant, to empower and develop students; by expressing care, humility, and respect, and providing directions, so that they can face any storm that may come.


The school is on the second year of her three-year plan. To further empower Shunleers to be self-regulated learners, our school will continue to incorporate e-learning strategies in 4Ps (Preparation, Participation, Presentation and Possession) so as to strengthen students’ learning. Value education plays an essential role in equipping Shun Lee students with various qualities. Justice, one of the Catholic core values, is the main focus of our school this year. The value of justice permeates both the formal and informal curriculum, which nurtures our students to uphold this core value before God and the community, and to advance the common good. In order to explore and enhance students’ talent and potential to the fullest, our ECA system has been re-structured so as to provide a continuum and a holistic development for Shunleers. 

Pope Francis has been highlighting the importance of cultivating synodality in our Church. Synodality means being and walking together, and it is dynamic, discerning and involves listening together to the voice of the Holy Spirit, all of which is according to the will of God. I am deeply impressed by the participatory approach adopted by the school management and views from teachers, students, and stakeholders in Shun Lee. May God continue to grant us wisdom and open our hearts, so that our committed and passionate staff, and supportive network of parents and alumni can keep on walking together with the youth and help Shun Lee move towards new heights. 


Thank you and May God Bless you all!


Lee Yuen Ping Yoshie