Message from the Principal – it all lies in our strength of mind

Message from the Principal – it all lies in our strength of mind

As the coronavirus 2019 (COVID19) menace rages on, both Hong Kong and the whole world are facing the first and foremost health crisis. The uncontrollable spread of the disease has been promulgating a sense of fear and hopelessness. How we respond to stress during the pandemic and face this crisis is a very important lesson for us to learn. Focusing on the positive side will not only help alleviate loneliness but also give us the strength to survive this difficult time.

There are various approaches that can help us to face crisis in our lives. The following is the one that I would like to share with you.

This model suggests 3 mental zones we may experience in facing crisis, the FEAR ZONE, the LEARNING ZONE and the GROWTH ZONE. We can follow 3 steps to handle the challenge of COVID19.

1. Recognize your emotions in the FEAR ZONE

At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID19, the most common emotions are “FEAR” and anxiety, and the feeling of uncertainty. We are filled with many worries and a lot of questions, like “Where can I buy masks?”, “How long will the pandemic last?”, “How can we learn without going to school?”. The extent and the influence of the pandemic are relatively new to us, so these feelings and reactions we have are very normal. It is essential that we have to accept, recognize and acknowledge our emotions. We also do not need to deny and hide our weaknesses and insufficiencies.

2. Keep learning and finding solutions in the LEARNING ZONE

In order to break the borders to move from the FEAR ZONE to the LEARNING ZONE, we must first identify the origins of our fear. We can mindfully review the situation, then learn to find out what we can control, and let go of what we cannot control. Stay calm, be rational and identify what the real problems are. Instead of reacting immediately, we can learn how to respond after a reasoning procedure, by acquiring new skills and new knowledges to deal with the changing environment. In the LEARNING ZONE, we can continue to explore and search for possible solutions to problems and challenges.

3.  Prioritize, realize your dreams and purpose of life in the GROWTH ZONE

To further move on to the GROWTH ZONE, we must be empathetic with ourselves and with others. We can show appreciation to our family, our friends, our teachers, healthcare professionals, people who provide support, and even Mother Nature. Be grateful to others and cherish what we already have. Keeping a positive emotional state will also fill us with hope every day. We learn from the past, live in the present and focus on the future. We can become more adaptive to new changes and are ready to grasp every opportunity to help and serve others. This can surely be a precious moment for us to find our purpose in life, and re-examine our life priorities.

During this transformation process, “Love”, “Resilience” and “Faith in God” are three important qualities that spur us to overcome our fear and stress in the crisis. My dear Shunleers, let’s work hand in hand to break the walls of the FEAR ZONE, move on to the LEARING ZONE and finally reach GROWTH ZONE. By remaining humble, persistent and mentally strong, we will be able to survive in this GROWTH ZONE and realize our dreams.