Extended Curriculum

The school endeavours to offer a rich learning experience for students to acquire skills and knowledge, while developing a positive outlook on life, through a school-based programme, Extended Curriculum.

S1 - SHUN Teens

The S1 curriculum focuses on self-development and resistance through a series of adventure-based training programmes arranged by SHUN Teens.

S2 - V-Power Service Programme

"Love" is one of the core values of our school. We expect students not only to acquire academic knowledge but also to understand the importance of serving those in need and taking action to contribute to society. The integration of V-Power Service Programme into the S2 curriculum aims to cultivate in students a sense of willingness to contribute and a selfless spirit of dedication.

S3 - Positive Value Education

Students engage in the "Dream Salon" programme, rooted in positive education. They explore positive psychology, games, assessments, discussions, and reflections to understand their personalities and directions. They experience success conditions, reflect on their motivation sources, and establish personal goals towards their ideals.