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Summer Homework List

Student of different levels MUST complete the assignments in accordance with the following schedules:

P6 to S1, S1 to S2, S2 to S3, S3 to S4, S4 to S5, S5 to S6

Posted on 2014/7/10
One-day tour to HK Ocean Park

About 80 awardees of the Library Holiday Reading Scheme (HRS) enjoyed a day trip to Ocean Park. Filled with anticipation, they went on some thrilling rides and saw scores of amazing animals up close.

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2014 Hong Kong Outstanding Teens 香港十大傑出青少年

Congratulations to Chan Chung Hin (5E) for being elected as one of the 10 Hong Kong Outsta...

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2013/2014 Energy Innovation Project Competition「創新能源項目」設計比賽

Ng Ka Yi (5A), Lau Ka Yu (5A), Wong Tsz Ching (5A) and Wan Lac Tinh (5E) have designed a c...

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The 31st Diocesan Secondary Schools Mathematics Competition

Our school’s mathematics team participated in the 31st Diocesan Secondary School Mathematics Competition 「第三十一屆教區中學數學比賽」 on 3 May 2014. Among 25 participating schools, our school awarded the 1st Runner-up. The awardees are: 4C Hung Long Yin, 5A Leung Hon Yuen, 5C Cheng Kwan To, 5E Chan Yui Chit and 5E Tso Yee Ming.

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S3 Technology & Living Graduation Show 2014

The S3 Technology & Living Graduation Show was successfully held on 19th May, 2014. Six groups, totalling 24 pieces of work, were staged in the show. The show was filled with great performance and exc...

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