S2 STEM Innovation Fair

日期: 30/04/2019

The Innovation Fair on April 26 showcased the Arduino-based prototypes created by Secondary 2 students in the STEM and Technology and Living lessons. The event provided precious learning opportunities for students to choose a problem to solve, brainstorm multiple solutions, identify the constraints on solutions, select the most promising one and prototype the solution. In the Innovation Fair, students presented their prototypes to more than 40 guest visitors, including Mr Francis Ngai, the Founder and CEO of Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk), principals and teachers from other schools, staff from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and alumni. The Innovation Fair was a huge success with the joint efforts of teachers and students.

More photos are available in our photo album:

2019-04-26 S2 STEM Showcase

2019-04-26 S2 STEM Showcase - Groups