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Located in the central area of the island, Tai Choi Yuen Kui (大菜園區) is one of the oldest villages. In the inner part of this zone, some of the buildings are vacant and ruined. Buildings are old, closely-packed, poorly ventilated and lit. Some of them are of temporary structure, built of wood or galvanized iron.

In the 60's and 70's, settlements spread from the central region to the south and to the north. Villages such as the Round Table Villages (圓桌村) the CARE Villages, the Ko Shan Tsuen (高山村) and the Lung Tsai Tsuen(龍仔村) etc. were built to house the fishermen on land. These are typical village housing, limited to 3 storeys, maximum 7.62 metres in height. It is granted 100% site cover to maximize building size. It was planed that this type of village housing would accommodate 29,000 people.

In the 80's, Cheung Kwai Estate ~ the first public housing estate in Cheung Chau, was built near Tai Kwai Wan (大貴灣) It was designed to be a low-density residential area with ample open space.

As there is an increasing number of Hong Kong people and foreigners moving into Cheung Chau, private development of villa type houses has been built on reclaimed land along the waterfront, in outer areas towards Sai Wan (~~) and at the peak of the island. These buildings are equipped with higher standard of amenity, spacious, well-ventilated and lit. Maximum height is two storeys. The Greenery Crest (碧濤軒) built in 1992 is typical of the kind.

Land is being levelled at Sin Yan Tseng (仙人井) and Tai Shek Hau (大石口l) for building another public housing estate. Another building project for private housing is also taking place at Tai Kwai Wan (大貴灣).

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