We learn Chemistry by observing. Chemical changes can be visualized! EMB has provided you with the vedeo clips of some interesting experiments.  Check the website below:


Molecules may have very funny or even silly names. But they actually exist! e.g.Unununium, Curious Chloride, Periodic Acid, Windowpane....Click to see

Take a break! You may also learn chemistry from Magazines ! The following website http://www.liv.ac.uk/Chemistry has a link which brings you to the world of science magazines.


Earning a Nobel Prize would be fun! Learn more and, some day, you may be a Nobel Laureate yourself! Want to know more about the Nobel Prize? Visit the following website!


There are annual awards for achievements that make people Laugh, then Think. A very interesting website indeed, come and have fun. E.g. The IgNobel Prize for Chemistry in 2002 was awarded to the assembly of a


There a lot of joke about chemitry, chemists, and also.....................students studying chemistry. You can find them from the following wbsite http://www.juliantrubin.com.

The following website http://www.liv.ac.uk/Chemistry provide a colloection of websites for Fun and entertainment related to science (not only chemistry). Try it and find your own favourites. The link is